The Secret Behind Why Women Don’t Date Nice Guys

Ask any nice guy about his love life, and he will probably tell you that his luck with women has never been too good. He will probably tell you that he is often referred to as a ‘friend’, and he has watched jerk after jerk easily snag a woman who has shown him very little interest.

Because the saying ‘nice guys finish last’ has become so popular, many good guys think that being nice and attractive to women do not go hand in hand. But, the truth is that “niceness” has nothing to do with it.

The Secret That Women Won’t Tell You

A Nice Guy Folding LaundryBeing nice is not the problem. Women want a nice guy in their life.

A nice guy is supportive, compassionate, and understanding. What woman wouldn’t want that kind of guy for a life partner?

The problem is when a nice guy is boring, has low-confidence, shows desperation, asks how high when a woman says jump, and is awkward in every sense of the word. Those traits are downright unattractive to women.

Jerks don’t tend to display those unattractive traits. They are confident in themselves and their ability to get women, and that is very attractive to women. They are so attractive, in fact, that they can blind women to the cockiness that resides directly underneath the confidence.

Become A Jerk And Still Lose The Girl?

Understanding the traits that really attract women and make her want to be your girlfriend can be hard. Women have been raised not to hurt a man’s feelings, which means they don’t want to tell you that you are too boring or too timid to be sexy to them.

Moreover, women are naturally compassionate, and they understand that telling you that your meekness turns them off will hurt your feelings. So, instead of stating how they really feel, they simply give the friend speech.

But, all that really does though is cause you to believe that you are too nice to be their lover.

Many guys try to flip the script and act like a jerk in order to gain a woman’s attention. But that backfires because being a jerk is not attractive to a woman!

It is the confidence, masculine attitude, and ability to take action that really attracts a woman. If you don’t naturally have those qualities, they are not likely to appear by pretending to be a jerk.

When a woman rejects a nice guy trying to be a jerk, he can end up believing that no matter what he does, he can’t get a woman. And that can confuse any man and cause him to give up hope.

Women Can’t Help What They Want

Many men accuse women of being too hard to please. They question why a woman can’t just like a nice guy for who he is.

The truth is that women are biologically programmed to look for a man who displays traits such as confidence and assurance. They are naturally attracted to those traits, and even if they wanted to, they can’t deny that attraction.

Attraction is what ultimately causes a woman to go out on a date with a man or get into a relationship with him.

The bottom line is that if the chemistry is not there, they are not going to pick you. No woman wants to spend her intimate life with someone who doesn’t turn her on.

Don’t Worry About Being Nice

Being nice really is a good thing. Women want a man who makes them feel good, and a nice guy has the ability to do that. But, they also want a man who makes them feel feminine and turns them on.

Instead of concentrating on the word “nice”, try looking beyond that word to see what is really holding you back from landing the woman you want.

Remember, when a woman says you are friend material, she is not telling you that you are too nice. She is telling you that the attraction is not there for her.

The good news is that you can stay nice, develop those other traits that women find attractive, and instantly create an attraction with a woman who once believed that you were just friend material.

Cynthia Edwards