Is He Lying? How To Know If A Guy REALLY Likes How You Touch Him Down There

Stroke Of Genius - Does He Really Like How You Touch Him Down There?

Earlier today I received an email from one of my “relationship guru” friends, Cassidy Lyon, and I feel absolutely compelled to share it with all of you!

Why?  Well, because Cassidy explained something about men I’ve wondered about for a long, long time.  She also reveals a secret about men and sex I never even thought of before.  I guess that’s why she’s the “guru” and I’m the “friend”. *lol*

In the email she sent me, she talks about her brand new Stroke of Genius program (it’s AWESOME by the way), but the part I want you to really pay attention to is what she says about why most guys are super unresponsive about sex.  And why most guys lie if you ask them how it feels when you touch them “down there”.

Here’s the email Cassidy sent me…


Hi, it’s Cassidy Lyon from “Stroke of Genius” . . .

How’s your day going? Did you try out The Accordion Technique with your man yet? Did you?

Huh? Huh? =-)

Well, if you did, you already know exactly what that DOES to a man . . .

And if you haven’t yet . . . STOP WAITING!

OK, yesterday I told you I was going to tell you why men LIE about handjobs . . .

And why guys will NEVER tell you how they want to be touched (which is why I had to create “Stroke Of Genius” in the first place . . .

See, this might sound weird, but the real reason guys LIE and tell you they “LOVE” your handjobs . . .

And the reason guys just say “I love exactly what you’re doing” when asked how he wants to be touched . . .


Of what?  Well, after my rather disastrous “Cassidy, look what you did to my dick!” experience (um, if you don’t know what I’m talking about you can go hear the entire horrifying story here: . . .

Anyway, after all of THAT I ended up talking to a LOT of guys about handjobs . . .

Over and over again I told them MY story of when I “destroyed” my boyfriend’s dick (even though every guy I’d ever been with told me I was great at giving handjobs . . . liars!) . . .

They all just got this familiar and sad smile on their face.

Like my friend Chris said:

“Cassidy, guys love handjobs, we do. But the fact is most women are absolutely incompetent at giving them. If you ask ANY guy if they’ve ever had a ‘bad’ handjob he’ll probably tell you EVERY handjob he’s had has been bad . . . or he’ll get a wistful look in his eye and talk about the ONE GIRL who knew how to touch him correctly and how he’s remembered her for the rest of his life.
And if you ask any guy if he TOLD the girl he was with that she was actually HURTING him with the way she’s grabbing his dick? He’ll laugh and say OF COURSE he has. We all have. Why? Because we all know from experience that if you try to tell a girl what you REALLY like or, worse yet, tell her she’s doing it WRONG she’ll probably break down crying or get really offended or never want to have sex with you again. So you just lay there and take it and tell her she’s doing a good job and hope it’ll end soon enough so you can have sex.”

I know that sounds HARSH right? But after interviewing dozens and dozens of guys it really is true.

The fact is guys are SCARED to tell you the truth about how to make him feel good and what he likes because he’s got this idea in his head that you can’t handle the criticism or can’t handle the truth . . .

But I think that’s BS.

Which is why I HAD to create “Stroke Of Genius” (which is a step-by-step guide on giving the most amazing handjob a man has ever experienced even if you absolutely suck at giving them now.)

OK, so here’s what you do now. If you’ve read through this I KNOW you’ve got that little tingle in your gut of CURIOSITY . . .

That NEED to know what this “Stroke Of Genius” thing is and WHAT exactly is in it.

And I GET it.

I also GET that you don’t want to make the wrong choice or waste money on something that’s not AMAZING.

Which is why I want you to “TRY OUT” “Stroke of Genius” absolutely risk free . . .

Just go to this website . . . Enroll in the program. Log in. Check out the material. Learn the 6 “Magical” steps of a truly astonishing handjob . . . learn ALL of the techniques I discovered in my 6 months of research . . .

USE the stuff.

USE this stuff for 60 FREAKING DAYS.

And if at ANY time during that 60 FREAKING DAYS you feel like it’s not everything I’ve said it is and more . . .

Well, just contact my customer support for a prompt and courteous refund.

So you’re risking NOTHING.

All you have to do is follow this link and enroll in the program now . . .


Cassidy Lyon

(Or maybe I should call myself “Helen of Handjobs” . . . you know, like “Helen of Troy” but . . . OK, yeah that was lame.)

P.S. Tomorrow I’ve got a really important question for you. Really important. Possibly devastating. Watch your email tomorrow. But right now stop what you’re doing and go watch this video.


If you want to learn more about Cassidy’s new program, there’s a great Stroke of Genius review over at

Can you relate?  Do you have any of your own handjob horror stories or embarrassing experiences around touching a man?  Let me know what you think!

The Secret Behind Why Women Don’t Date Nice Guys

Ask any nice guy about his love life, and he will probably tell you that his luck with women has never been too good. He will probably tell you that he is often referred to as a ‘friend’, and he has watched jerk after jerk easily snag a woman who has shown him very little interest.

Because the saying ‘nice guys finish last’ has become so popular, many good guys think that being nice and attractive to women do not go hand in hand. But, the truth is that “niceness” has nothing to do with it.

The Secret That Women Won’t Tell You

A Nice Guy Folding LaundryBeing nice is not the problem. Women want a nice guy in their life.

A nice guy is supportive, compassionate, and understanding. What woman wouldn’t want that kind of guy for a life partner?

The problem is when a nice guy is boring, has low-confidence, shows desperation, asks how high when a woman says jump, and is awkward in every sense of the word. Those traits are downright unattractive to women.

Jerks don’t tend to display those unattractive traits. They are confident in themselves and their ability to get women, and that is very attractive to women. They are so attractive, in fact, that they can blind women to the cockiness that resides directly underneath the confidence.

Become A Jerk And Still Lose The Girl?

Understanding the traits that really attract women and make her want to be your girlfriend can be hard. Women have been raised not to hurt a man’s feelings, which means they don’t want to tell you that you are too boring or too timid to be sexy to them.

Moreover, women are naturally compassionate, and they understand that telling you that your meekness turns them off will hurt your feelings. So, instead of stating how they really feel, they simply give the friend speech.

But, all that really does though is cause you to believe that you are too nice to be their lover.

Many guys try to flip the script and act like a jerk in order to gain a woman’s attention. But that backfires because being a jerk is not attractive to a woman!

It is the confidence, masculine attitude, and ability to take action that really attracts a woman. If you don’t naturally have those qualities, they are not likely to appear by pretending to be a jerk.

When a woman rejects a nice guy trying to be a jerk, he can end up believing that no matter what he does, he can’t get a woman. And that can confuse any man and cause him to give up hope.

Women Can’t Help What They Want

Many men accuse women of being too hard to please. They question why a woman can’t just like a nice guy for who he is.

The truth is that women are biologically programmed to look for a man who displays traits such as confidence and assurance. They are naturally attracted to those traits, and even if they wanted to, they can’t deny that attraction.

Attraction is what ultimately causes a woman to go out on a date with a man or get into a relationship with him.

The bottom line is that if the chemistry is not there, they are not going to pick you. No woman wants to spend her intimate life with someone who doesn’t turn her on.

Don’t Worry About Being Nice

Being nice really is a good thing. Women want a man who makes them feel good, and a nice guy has the ability to do that. But, they also want a man who makes them feel feminine and turns them on.

Instead of concentrating on the word “nice”, try looking beyond that word to see what is really holding you back from landing the woman you want.

Remember, when a woman says you are friend material, she is not telling you that you are too nice. She is telling you that the attraction is not there for her.

The good news is that you can stay nice, develop those other traits that women find attractive, and instantly create an attraction with a woman who once believed that you were just friend material.